• Remembering when... helps people preserve memories.

  • Personal memories that will be heard or viewed by family and friends now and forever.

  • Community memories that will allow future generations to understand from vivid first hand accounts what life was really like.

  • Even business memories that help build an archive to share with future employees.

  • Everyday experiences as well as memories of national or globally significant events.

" When members of your family die, they take part of your history with them. There are basic biographical facts of my life that I have no idea about. Like my father died in a driving accident, but I don’t know much more than that. My mother’s dead, all my grandparents are dead, all my grandparents’ siblings, everyone’s dead – I have no one to ask."
                            Moby quoted in The Observer 26/11/16

Remembering When... makes a great personalised gift to celebrate any occasion, be it birthday, wedding, retirement or other special day.


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"Andrew was a breeze to work with, he put me at my ease and I didn't feel under any pressure. The end result is very professional sounding in the way he has used the musical excerpts."

Simon Dale